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لقاء شعبي فني رائع مع الشاعرة المصرية فاطمة ناعوت

2 comentلrios:

اسماعيل فاضل يقول...

شكراً لك استاذ شربل لتغطيتك كل امسياتنا بالشاعره فافي ناعوت
لك منا كل الحب والاعتزاز والتقدير مع فائق الاحترام .

اخوكم الفنان
اسماعيل فاضل

Safwat Riad يقول...

With special thanks to Mr Charbel Baini and the committee of The Arab Heritage League in organizing this function to welcome and meet the talented intelligent daughter of the river Nile , the writer, the journalist,the Egyptian engineer Mrs. Fatma Naout.
Also special thanks to Mrs Naout for her kind words in signing her latest book during this function which gather most of the arabic speaking nationalities in Sydney in night full of patriotic songs and speeches especially form Mrs. Naout who wisely analysed the problems which confront our Egypt and arab world in one word the ignorance.